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“My name is Azukaego Ekpe,a school director. I was wondering how I was going to cope. Its over now and I have learnt so much.I was amazed at the amount of knowledge delivered right here in Nigeria. Its so amazing.I am happy I came.”

“My name Joy Medupin,a head of school. This programme has been of great benefit to me. I had been wondering how I was going to cope when saddled with the responsibility of my new position. I must commend the level of expertise here, I wondered how I would have tackled the last parents forum we had without the management course. I am confident now that I can start a school of my own and have excellent standard. I now have a passion to impart knowledge considering the quality of teachers in have in the country.”

“My name is Peace Solo-Anaeto-A class teacher. A friend introduced me to the course. The good thing about this programme is, it keeps your imagination running. My pupils now look forward to coming to school. Their parents are all asking me for the magic I’m performing that captures the children’s attention.”

“I am Emmanuel Fabowale, Assistant Head teacher of my school. Someone told us about the 4 months course and three of us from my school attended. Now my school is reaping the benefit far above the amount we spent for the training. Due to the result parents are now getting, they refused to withdraw their children even after my school added to the school fees.Thanks to Grangeway for the new discovery.”

“My name is Miss Stella Omoh, a Literacy teacher. I discovered that if I want to be the best in my profession, I need to invest in myself. Although I was discouraged by my school director initially when I informed her that I want to register for the course, due to the amount, but with what she has seen so far, she has promoted me to the level of a Head of Department. I can confidently say I am ten times better than my colleagues in school in terms of performance. Indeed, it’s worth the time and money.”

“I am Mr. Innocent Eforghor a Head of School. In fact this course is a great eye opener to me. Teaching has actually moved on. I remember issues that were raised regarding management, it raised so much hope within me because my School Director was available for the training as well. I am happy there will be great improvement in my school now. I feel as if the programme should not end.”

“I am Mrs. Okosun Valentina a school Owner. In fact this course has exposed me to so many new things that I never knew before now. I wish I had attended this course before establishing my school. This term was indeed the best in my school .Parents were happy this term after applying the things I learnt here, especially packaging under management and curriculum development.”

“My name is Enitan Femi, a class teacher. The improvement of the pupils in my class is so amazing now that the owners of my school called me into a meeting and requested to know the magic. I gave a load down of all I learnt. Now I have been promoted to the level of Assistant Head teacher and now earn more.”