1. EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE (British Curriculum) – The development of every child begins from birth. The impart made at age 0-5 play significant role as the child approaches adulthood.
To attain the level of an international standard school and reap the benefit involved, Early Years Foundation Stage training for your Nursery section is of great significance.
PRIMARY (British Curriculum.)- We have training DVDs from the UK and curriculum based on different subjects. We also assist schools that are interested in integrating the curriculum with the British curriculum.

2. Creative Writing Skills (Nursery/Primary)
It has been observed that quite a number of children are not exposed to Styles of Writing due to lack of exposure of teachers to the genres. This aspect is consciously neglected. Pupils are told to write composition without a clue of the language features of what they are writing.
As a result, children get to secondary struggling to express themselves in writing. Grangeway Education Consult consists of experts who are UK trained with several years of experience and have made great impart in top schools. We have specialist that can train your teachers to achieve outstanding result in this area. This will not only make your school unique but, will highly become recommended when your children write examinations into schools of international standard in and outside the country.

3. Enhancing the Classroom through Interactive Display. (Designing classroom of international standard)
Children learn faster through what they see, feel and touch.
Display helps create a conducive and stimulating classroom environment. At a glance, Parents can see what their children can do and what they are learning. Display helps to teach effectively within the classroom environment.

4. Special Strategies for Constant School Growth and sustaining existing Stakeholders.

5. Phonics/Phonetics
Children can read fluently from as early as 2 years when the phonological awareness of letter sounds is introduced to them. We can help make your school outstanding in reading.
Teaching of phonetic symbols to aid diction. It is important for teachers to speak right as children learn from them.

6. Class Presentations Method that helps develop Pupils’ confidence and eradicate timidity/stage performance. This also builds parents’ confidence regarding their children’s school.

7. Numeracy and Science-British Curriculum method of teaching engaging mathematics lesson using several strategies including MENTAL Math. Same for science.

8. Nelson (cursive) Handwriting-Legible writing is of great significance. You can raise standard through this.
9. Special Teaching Methods-The teaching methods applied during the delivery of any lesson determine the result that will be generated.

10. How to write international standard end of term report that gives true picture of children’s performance, ability and behaviour. This is beyond the writing of scores. When only scores are written, the true picture of a child’s ability in a particular subject is not fully revealed. It is easy for parents to support their children at home if they are aware of the areas of challenges.

11. Classroom Management-The time a teacher has to take to correct misbehavior caused by poor classroom management skill results in a lower rate of academic engagement in the classroom. Under this training, series of proven strategies are taught.

12. Developing Children’s Creativity through Arts and Craft-Children have inherent desire to be creative. They love to make things.
As they work independently and with others and by sharing ideas, they can derive great enjoyment and satisfaction. If parents discover this, they become marketers for such schools as they show off their children’s work.

Basically for school owners, heads of schools and management staff.

14. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)-This is an internationally recognized qualification for secondary school students. It prepares students for further academic study including progression to A Level study and other equivalents. Our UK CERTIFIED consultants help train teachers.

15. Administrative/School secretary training-The attitude of your front desk, secretary and administrative staff speaks volume about your school. Constant trainings exposes them to right attitude and this can help improve the standard of your school.

16. Cambridge examinations
16. Montessori method of teaching

17. Special Needs

18. Other Areas
Application of DIFFERENTIATION METHOD of teaching in the classroom for maximum result
Cursive Handwriting (Nelson)
Designing Engaging Literacy/Numeracy Activities
Teaching of Basic Comprehension Skills in the Primary.

Effective guide on the use of English National Curriculum.(British)
Standards for assessing teachers’ performance by school heads.

2. Educational DVDs that can help reinforce your teaching
3. We can also assist with teachers’ resources and children’s books needed to effectively teach the British Curriculum.
4. We sell educational materials like Sugar papers for classroom display, markers, UHU glue etc.

We assist schools in recruiting School Heads and teachers who have several years of experience and are trained on the British Curriculum.

20. HOME BUILDERS CLUB-This is a special club organized for pupils in the school. Children are taught to do several things like sewing, cooking, table setting, soap making etc.This is basically to prepare them for the future.

grangeway training

We at Grangeway bring to your environment various training program that are highly needed in the development of your educational system.

Creative Writing Skills (Nursery/Primary)

We have specialist that can train your teachers to achieve outstanding result in this area.

Classroom Management Training

Under this training, series of proven strategies were taught.

Enhancing the Classroom through Interactive Display

Display helps to teach effectively within the classroom environment.

Administrative/School secretary training

This training exposes them to right attitude and this can help improve the standard of your school.

Why Grangeway Education Consult

We are a group of highly experienced consultants certified internationally in various aspects of the British Curriculum, Montessori, Cambridge examinations and Nigerian Curriculum.

What You Get

So many schools have benefited immensely from our range of services.